WWE 2K18 Release Date, Features, Specs, Cover Star, Price and News

WWE 2K18 Release Date: The freestyle wrestling is the kind of a sport which is followed almost everywhere in the world. And among the brands that host this freestyle wrestling sport, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the most popular one. It is also one of the household names for even the ones who are not the meticulous followers of the game. And when the sport in real life has been so popular it is quite expected that the gaming version of WWE is going to be a hit. And it has been so. Since the arrival of the game from 2K Games many years back it has never failed to grab the attention of the gamers across the world. Hence, it can be expected that the WWE 2K18 is also going to be a big hit in the world of video games.

WWE 2K18
WWE 2K18 is expected to be coming out with great features next year

WWE 2K18 Release Date

The WWE 2K18 release dates have been a matter of discussion among the gamers across the world for quite some time now. The biggest reason behind that is the fact that both the publisher and the developer of the game WWE 2K18 has been tight-lipped regarding the release dates of the game. So it is quite natural that there would be speculations regarding the official release of the game.

The WWE 2K17 was officially announced in the month of May in 2016, and the game came into being in the month of October 2016. So if we follow the trend, the announcement of this upcoming edition of the game is going to be released sometime around the month of June in the year 2017. And the game is expected to be made available for the users to buy in the month of October or November. But it could get delayed to the month of December in 2017. Possibilities of the game getting rolled out in the market in the year 2018 also cannot be ruled out completely. But as the report in the Gamingphobia suggests the game from 2K Games would be officially announced in the month of May next year.

WWE 2k18 Features and Gameplay

WWE 2K17 has been among the top video games that have hit the market in the year 2016. And it is expected that the upcoming game WWE 2K18 is also going to be one of the biggest hits once it hits the market in the year 2017. The earlier version of the game provided a glitch free graphics to the gamers, and it can be expected that the WWE 2K18 is also going to support a high-end graphics. All the games that are scheduled to be coming in the year 2017 support a 4K video resolution. So it won’t be too much of a surprise if the upcoming freestyle wrestling game from 2K Games also comes with a 4K resolution. Also, WWE 2K18 is expected to be coming out in virtual reality as well. So with all the speculations getting high it is expected that the game is going to be a great experience for the fans who have been eagerly waiting for quite a long while.

In the game WWE 2K17, the gamers got a pre-order bonus. And the latest news has revealed that the upcoming game is also going to be providing a bonus for the gamers who would be pre-ordering the game. Earlier versions have provided the buyers with special characters which included the likes of the Ultimate Warrior and the Sting. And the reports have suggested that 2K Games is going to provide CM Punk as the additional character once a person pre-orders the game WWE 2K18.

It is expected that the game is going to provide a number of new features. And one of those is definitely going to be the number of moves. It is expected that the there will be an additional number of moves for a character in the upcoming edition of the game in the WWE 2K series. This means that one can get the best out of the character with which the person is going to play in the game. To add that it is reported that the players will be given an opportunity to customise the finishing move. The players will be able to set the power as well as the pace at which the move is going to be carried out while in a match.

Yet another addition to the features of the game WWE 2K18 is going to be the personalised chatting option. If this actually features in the upcoming wrestling game things are bound to get steamier than the previous editions of the game. This will enrich the feud between the characters which will also add a realistic touch to the game. The earlier games published by 2K Games used to be realistic to the truest sense of the term. But if this new feature comes into being it is definitely going to make the game even better.

WWE 2K18
Kurt Angle is reported to be added to the roster in the upcoming game WWE 2K18

There are rumours that Kurt Angle will be making a comeback into the real-life WWE in the year 2017. So in order to maintain the parity between the virtual gaming world and the real world, Kurt Angle might be made available to the gamers in the upcoming version of the game which is supposed to be coming out in the later part of the year 2017. But reports have also suggested that the game is going to provide the character of Kurt Angle as an ‘additional character’ with a later DLC pack. So possibilities of Kurt Angles joining the roster in the WWE 2K18 are very high as the news in WWE 2K18 Gamer has suggested.

WWE 2K18 Price

With nothing at all being mentioned regarding what the developer of the game WWE 2K18 is going to bring in, it ‘s hard to predict what the price of the game is going to be. Yet we predict that the WWE 2K18 is going to be brought out on the market with a price tag of around $80. And that is what the experts believe it to be as well. This is because of the fact that we are predicting WWE 2K18 is going to undergo a sea change particularly in the graphics front. WWE 2K17 has been glitch free. That’s all right. But there is plenty of room where they can bring in improvements. The characters still do not have the best of the looks, and that is one of those where the developers would like to take a look at. Also at times the game lags a bit which needs to be fixed to make it even better for the loyal fans of WWE 2K series from 2K Games. So the price of $80 might get hiked as well.


All the WWE 2k18 features and the gameplay details that are provided are in a state of speculation, and there are possibilities that things might be different when the game actually hits the market in the upcoming year. But the fact that the game is going to undergo a real development cannot be ruled out completely. Hence we can expect that the gamers who have been following the developments regarding the game are going to be benefitted with this article. Please send us your views regarding this upcoming game. We would glad to hear it from you.

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