HTC Vive VR for China is Under Development, Reveals HTC

At this moment, in the field of technology, it is the virtual reality which is ruling the roost. And one of the most popular names in this sector of technology is HTC, courtesy to the HTC Vive. And as the latest reports have come in, the Taiwan-based tech giant is all set to launch an exclusive edition of their VR headset for the Chinese consumers.

It was just a few hours ago at ChinaJoy HTC announced that they are developing a new VR headset for the people of China. The design of the device will remain very close to the one that the company is developing for the US markets in collaboration with Google. However, it is the configuration where there will be major changes.

HTC Vive VR for Chinese Markets
HTC has announced the development of new headset VR which will be exclusive to the Chinese markets [Image Source]

And that is quite natural. This new HTC Vive VR for the Chinese markets will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon VR tracking tech. The difference between the one dedicated to the US markets can be noticed here. The one for US markets will be powered by Google Daydream and WorldSense positional tracking technology. It is HTC’s homegrown Viveport which will support the one for China.

However, neither Qualcomm nor HTC has given any clear indication of how the all new HTC Vive VR is going to shape up. And we need to wait for some time to get more updates regarding that. Not even the possible price tags of the VR headsets have been hinted at. The only thing regarding which has been stated makes sure that the devices are going to be “more affordable, yet high-quality VR experience”. Alvin W. Graylin, HTC Vive Executive has, however, remarked on this new venture of HTC, “China is the leading mobile market in the world today, and has the momentum to lead the global VR market as well.”

Regarding the release date of the HTC Vive VR for the US markets have been hinted. However, there is no proper word on when one can come across the one for the Chinese markets. But it is predicted that before the end of the first half of next year, we might come across this new device.

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