Cloud Token Offers Secure, Private, and Reliable Cloud Services at 50% of the Cost, a managed cloud service provider, has recently launched the token sale for their Cloud Token. The objective? Disrupt the cloud status quo and bring cloud computing into the mainstream by decentralizing the provisioning of cloud services, which until now, has been a global infrastructure operated by a small group of hyperscale service providers.

Cloud Token will essentially make it possible for virtually anyone to join their hosting grid as a service provider or contributor and establish a new blockchain-based peer-to-peer virtual infrastructure operated by millions of cloud service providers across the globe, or, “The Crowd Cloud.” It does this by encapsulating the basic building blocks of the cloud service, a “GridNode”, and creating a smart contract that considers the key aspects of the relationship between a cloud service providers (GridNode Owners) and application providers. explains on their token sale page, “Millions of computers worldwide will contribute their redundant resources, such as processing power or data storage, to power the cloud. This could include one’s laptop, phone or computer — or even an Internet of Things (IoT) connected device, such as a washing machine. The decentralized structure creates a more competitive environment, reducing the cost of cloud computing and the risk of network outages. It also has a higher level of data security and privacy and greater degree of automation.”

Cloud Token will simplify the use of professional cloud services for all levels of web users, turning such services into a commodity product universally accessible and utilized by the general public.

“For instance, say you are a small business owner launching a new product or service, and want to give your website a boost for the extra traffic you anticipate. will enable you to buy other internet users’ spare computing capacity to power your website. This is far more efficient and cost-effective than setting up a web server directly through existing cloud providers.”

Since’s GridNode infrastructure creates a cloud ecosystem that integrates all cloud components together, such as storage, payment and bandwidth, it removes barriers to growth as it appeals to a broader and more diverse user base, including SMBs, entrepreneurs, and freelance web developers.

Upon close of the token sale, which has less than two days remaining, the Cloud Token will be available for use to pay cloud services from one of the world’s largest cloud providers, via, at 50% of the cost. The company believes that this decentralization process will also drive rates as low as 94% within the next 24 months, creating a significant demand for the services and subsequently cloud token liquidity.

Visit’s token sale page to learn more.


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