Blockchain Startup ‘Stream’ Will Help Content Creators Accept Payments

This past Spring, YouTube content creators were hit with what has been coined the “Adpocalypse,” when major marketers pulled their ads after discovering that they were being placed on videos promoting terrorism and racism. The result was a major decline in income for thousands of channels, with many of the smaller creators being wiped off the map completely.

Despite this being an unexpected event, earning a living as a content creator has never been easy. Platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope take anywhere from 30-55% of their creator’s incomes and force them to essentially sell-out by succumbing to advertising, corporate sponsorships, and affiliate deals. And, because content creators need to earn a living, they are often forced to sacrifice quality and passion in order to keep their content monetized. However, these primary methods of earning income as a streamer or content creator may soon be something of the past.  

Stream, a technology company, has now introduced their blockchain infrastructure created to reinvent the industry entirely and provide a unique solution to many of the obstacles preventing content creators from building their careers. The system will also allow streamers to “easily and anonymously accept payments from their global audience members with extremely low transaction fees and no platform lock-in.

“Stream is the answer to the economic problem content creators have long faced: the inability to earn a fair living from their work,” says Ben Yu,  CEO of Stream. “Stream allows video content creators to earn money directly from the success of their content for the first time ever, without a direct cost to viewers, and without the need to ‘sell out’ and succumb to advertising, corporate sponsorships, or affiliate deals. This is made possible by the creation of an Ethereum token that directly rewards content creators with new tokens in proportion to the popularity of the content they create.”

Additionally, Stream is incorporating newly released technology involving zero knowledge proofs and unlinkable payment channels to ensure the creation of a fully anonymous, fast, secure, and extremely cheap transaction system.

Stream aims to create an ecosystem where viewers and creators can connect directly all without the influences of centralized corporations. New and existing creators will finally be given the power to pursue their passions and build lucrative careers.

To follow updates on Stream you can visit their website and sign up on their email list.


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